All our products are handmade with the best ingredients with christmas packaging.

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A selection of mini Eclairs in a festive box

Mini eclairs wrapped in a festive box. Contains mini Eclair Ferrero x 2, mini Turkish delight Eclair x 2, mini Coconut Eclair x 2
300 gr.

24.90 lv.

Vegan dessert festive box

A festive box which includes a selection of vegan chocolate desserts: a Christmas tree cookie - 1 piece, a Gingerbread man shaped cookie - 1 piece, Chocolate pastry - 2 pieces, 2 types of raw bonbons - 6 pieces and decoration of roasted hazelnuts, oranges and lemons. 
230 grams

23.00 lv.

Keto dessert festive box

A Christmas box which includes a selection of keto desserts - mini blueberry cheesecake - 1 piece, keto "Garash: - 1 piece, keto coconut bar - 1 piece, keto bonbons - 6 pieces. Decorated with roasted almonds, coconut strips, grapefruit, lemon and lime.
280 grams
No added sugar. All desserts are sweetened with natural erythritol and stevia.

27.60 lv.

Christmas cookie box

A festive Christmas box filled with home-made cookies. The box includes Orange butter cookies - 4 pieces, soft ginger cookies - 3 pieces, Sable "Nostalgia"  - 3 pieces, Linzer cookies - 3 pieces, Cantuccini - 5 pieces, Strawberry moist cookie - 3 pieces.
470 grams

22.90 lv.

Chocolate bonbons festive box

A selection of hand-made chocolate bonbons, wrapped in a festive box. Includes Classic Truffle x 2, Lime and coconut x 2, Blueberry x 2, Milk chocolate with Baileys x 2, Lavender and white chocolate x 2, Cinnamon and rome x 2, Orange x 2, Raw chocolate x 2
190 grams

21.90 lv.

Individual chocolate bars

Hand made chocolates with highest quality ingredients. Wrapped in a beautifu festive packaging. Choose from 4 types available:
- White with raspberries
- Milk with roasted hazelnuts
- Dark classic 54% /vegan/
- Dark with roasted whole almonds 54% /vegan/
85 grams

6.50 lv.

Dark chocolate 54%
Dried raspberries
Roasted hazelnuts
Whole roasted almonds

Christmas cookie gift pack

A selection of hand-made traditional Christmas cookies, including Linzer x 2, Strawberry x 2, Orange x 2, Cantuccini x 4.
180 grams
Allergens: gluten, eggs, lactose, nuts, soy

8.50 lv.

Festive box with French macarons

A selection of French macarons, wrapped in a festive box. Includes:
For a box of 6 - Vanilla, Lemon, Orange, Pistachio, Caramel, Milk chocolate with Baileys
For a box of 12  - Vanilla x 2, Lemon x 2, Orange x 2, Pistachio x 2,Caramel x 2, Milk chocolate with Baileys x 2

14.90 lv.

6 pieces
12 pieces

Cake Deer

Chocolate layers, chocolate mousse and raspberries.
10-12 pieces

62.90 lv.

Christmas tree on a stick

Chocolate brownie with walnuts, Baileys, blueberries and Belgian chocolate on a stick.
Individually wrapped.
Allergens: gluten, eggs, lactose, nuts, soy

4.90 lv.