Party bites

Party bites

Ever since Cherry by Mary has been established, we have always been the biggest and sweetest part of the holidays in Varna. We thought about how we can get even better and make each holiday even more special. We have developed a special catering menu to impress and enchant your guests from the very beginning of your holiday to the sweetest end - the cake.

Chocolate shot

Mini chocolate mousse with dark belgian chocolate.
Mini spoon included.

32.00 lv.

20 pieces
30 pieces

Mini eclair

Mini eclair with vanilla cream.

45.00 lv.

30 pieces
40 pieces

Chocolate brownie

Brownie bites with chocolate mousse and seasonal fruits.

52.00 lv.

20 pieces
30 pieces

Vanilla mousse shot

Mini vanilla mousse with seasonal fruits.
Included mini spoon.

32.00 lv.

20 pieces
30 pieces

Strawberry shot

Mini strawberry mousse,
Mini spoon included.

32.00 lv.

20 pieces
30 pieces

Mini Vanilla

Mini vanilla cupcake.
You can chose the frosting - vanilla Mascarpone or pink forest fruits cream.

48.00 lv.

24 vanilla Mascarpone
24 forest fruit mousse
12 vanilla Mascarpone + 12 forest fruits

Mini chocolate cupcake

Mini cupcake with chocolate base.
You can chose the frosting - chocolate mousse or caramel cream.

48.00 lv.

24 chocolate mousse
24 caramel
12 chocolate mousse + 12 caramel cream

French macaroons tower

A perfect sweet decoration for your celebration!

Small and Large Macaroons tower for catering.
You are able to choose the flavors and colors of the macaroons.

  • The small tower contains 77 macaroons.
  • The large tower contains 192 macaroons.

146.00 lv.


Salted cheesecake

Salted cheesecake bites with basil pesto and cherry tomatoes.
Allergens: gluten, eggs, lactose

36.00 lv.

20 pieces
30 pieces

Salted profiteroles

Salted profiteroles with:
- basil pesto and cherry tomatoes
- cheesecream with smoked salmon
Minimal order - 20 pieces.
Allergens: gluten, lactose, eggs, fish, nuts

38.00 lv.

20 pieces with pesto
20 pieces with salmon
30 pieces with pesto
30 pieces with salmon


Mini french croissant with butter: 
- cheese and cherry tomatoes
- turkey ham and cheese
Minimal order 15 pieces/50gr.
Price: 2.50 BGN

2.50 lv.

Cheese and cherry tomatoes
Ham and cheese